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Mountain Province


The area of the Cordillera mountains proved difficult to control by the Spaniards. From 1566 to 1665 they sent expeditions to conquer it but the rugged terrain and hostile indigenous population were major obstacles. The area was divided into politico-military commandancias but the Spaniards never able to fully subjugate it.[3]

During the American rule the entire area of the Cordilleras was made one large province in 1908 named Mountain Province. The first governor was Samuel Cane and the town of Bontoc was made the capital. It was originally composed of the subprovinces of Amburayan Apayao Benguet Bontoc Ifugao Kalinga and Lepanto. Amburayan and Lepanto were later added to the subprovinces of Bontoc and Benguet.[3]

Effective on April 7 1967 the subprovinces were converted into 4 independent provinces Benguet Ifugao Kalinga-Apayao and Mountain Province (corresponding to the former Bontoc subprovince). On June 15 1987 Mountain Province became part of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).[3]